EcoCare Technologies (the “Company”)  insists that our focus must always be to attain the highest people practices which are underpinned by our ethics. Our primary goal is the fulfill our customers’ satisfaction, that we achieve through uncompromised integrity.

Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and Company policies

The Company is subjected to national, state, provincial, local, and international laws and regulations. We comply all applicable laws and regulations and uphold our Code. Any EcoCare associate aware of unlawful activities in the Company should contact the Legal Department. If a provision of our Code conflicts with any applicable law, the law regulates.


Our people

Health and Safety—We prioritize safety and health in our workplace.
Wherever we are, safety and well-being of our associates must always come first. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our associates including adequate emergency procedures and fire safety, management of hazardous materials, and housekeeping, with workplace safety laws and ensure proper working conditions. Associates are expected to perform their duties in a safe manner at all times, including operating machinery only according to instructions, and taking appropriate action when a safety hazard arises.

Do what’s right!

Follow the safety guidelines in place at each of our locations. You are accountable for maintaining an environment free of safety risks or health hazards. When a risk or an unexpected danger emerges, act quickly and safely to get it under control and seek help right away.

Do not come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Remember: any substance that could impair our judgment or physical performance can ultimately harm our co-workers and our customers.

Maintain a safe workplace by resolving differences professionally and respectfully, never through acts or threats of violence, bullying or intimidation.

If any associate observes an unsafe situation it should be addressed immediately and reported to Health and Safety.

Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying—We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying.

We believe diversity in our workforce is an asset that enhances our creativity, innovation, and growth. Our associates’ different cultures, sexual orientations, gender identity, age, backgrounds and experiences allow issues to be seen from varied perspectives, thereby enriching the decision-making process. As representatives of EcoCare, associates are prohibited from discriminating against others.

Associates are ensured fundamental human rights that do not conflict with the EcoCare business. These rights (e.g. political, social, and cultural) should not be infringed. The Company will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of a person’s race, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, or other protected status, or, harassment or bullying of its associates by anyone, including any supervisor, co-worker, associate or non-associate, vendor, client, or customer of the Company. Harassment may occur where a person is subjected to unwanted conduct which, when reasonably viewed from the perception of the person being subjected to such conduct and in light of all of the circumstances, has the purpose or effect of violating their dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment for the person.

All individuals have the right to work in an environment, which is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment. The Company is committed to providing a workplace in which all individuals are given appropriate dignity and respect. Everyone has a responsibility to respect the feelings and sensibilities of others in the workplace, and to behave in a way that does not cause offence. In some instances individuals may be unaware that their behavior is causing offence, but it is the duty of each individual to be sensitive to the impact their conduct may have on coworkers.

Any suspected violations should be reported to the Legal Department. You may also make a good-faith report of suspected violations or seek guidance by accessing the Integrity Line.

Labor relations

EcoCare is committed to treating associates fairly, ensuring human rights and complying with all laws regarding working time, overtime compensation, freedom of association and collective bargaining. EcoCare respects workers’ rights to form and join organizations of their choice and to bargain collectively without unlawful interference. EcoCare will not discriminate, harass, or penalize workers or worker representatives because of their interest and/or membership in, or affiliation with, a trade union, or their legitimate trade union activity.

We handle non-public information privately and confidentially.

EcoCare’s tools, equipment, facilities and inventories, as well as its know-how, technology, product and formula information, market information and business plans, are all valuable assets. Associates must protect and preserve the Company’s assets and maintain the confidentiality of proprietary, non-public information entrusted to them by the Company, customers and suppliers, except when disclosure is authorized or legally mandated.

Our Customers

We make and provide high quality and safe products, packaging, machines, equipment and services.

Our primary goal is to provide high quality and safe products and services. We strive to consistently deliver products and services that meet our customers’ expectations and our own high standards, and seek continuous improvement and innovation in our operations to meet those standards. Products must comply with all applicable regulations where they are manufactured, sold, or distributed. Products must be supported by safety information including, but not limited to, appropriate directions for use, hazard classifications, warnings, first aid instructions, and emergency contact information. Accurate and complete Safety Data Sheets and labels must be legible and available to distributors, customers, and end users. EcoCare also commits to responsible material use, outlined by the Responsible Chemistry Policy. We are committed to product safety, from concept and manufacture through customer use and disposal, recycle or reuse.

We market and communicate responsibly.

The Company’s public communications – like our products – reflect our commitment to integrity and transparency. We market, advertise, and label our products with this in mind, striving for accuracy, transparency and openness with our customers. We never try to mislead our customers with incorrect or incomplete information about our own products or anyone else’s. To maintain accuracy and consistency in all these public communications, only designated Company spokespersons should make public statements about our Company.

EcoCare Technologies

EcoCare provides customized solutions within the chemicals industry with a focus on hygiene and sanitization; EcoCare prides itself in offering solutions versus commodities. EcoCare goals to partner with its clients in offering green and sustainable chemistry that will address customer challenges, needs and growth opportunities.